Flat roof drain system

Flat roof drain system

Flat Roof Drain Systems

If you own a property with a flat roof you are aware of all the problems associated with that type of structure. In fact, we have saved property owners tens of thousands of dollars in property damage costs by identifying and solving issues before they occur.

New flat roof drains, flat roof drain change-outs and roof drains with overflows as part of an efficient flat roof drain design are a vital part of any flat roof drainage system. The plumbers and technicians at Mr. Flush are skilled in the installation and service of these drain systems.

If you are having issues with your flat roof, call us today for a consultation. Using the plumbing code as a guide, we will evaluate whether there are enough flat roof drains, whether the roof drain pipe is sized correctly, whether the flat roof drains are placed correctly and if they are the correct flat roof drains for your particular roof.

Whether we’re installing new flat roof drains or replacing existing flat roof drains, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done right! In addition to providing services to roofing contractors, waterproofing contractors and general contractors, we also work directly with property owners and property managers. We service residential, commercial, industrial and institutional accounts.

In addition to installing and servicing roof drain systems, we provide comprehensive pre- and post-roof drain testing and perform a thorough pressure and leak test for all above-grade piping.

All of these services can easily pay for themselves in terms of saved time and money.

  • Flat roof drain system
  • Flat roof drain system inspection and evaluation
  • Professional flat roof drain installation replacements and repair
  • Pre- and post-construction roof drain testing
  • Drain cleaning
  • Hydro jetting
  • Video camera inspection
  • Electronic line locating

Contact us today to solve your flat roof problems.