main sewer drain installation & repairMain Sewer Drain Installation and Repair

The plumbing professionals at Mr. Flush in Augusta, GA, and Aiken, SC, provide high-quality professional sewer pipe repair, sewer pipe replacement and sewer line installation to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients throughout the east central Georgia and west central South Carolina. Whether it’s a small hole or a large rupture in your sewer line, our expert plumbing technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide a solution when you need it most.

Backed up sewage in your yard or basement is the most common sign your sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced. However, there are other signs that you may be in need of a professional sewer line service, including:

  • Bubbling sounds coming from the toilet or sink
  • Standing water near your indoor or outdoor sewer lines
  • More than one clogged drain at any given time
  • A persistent and unpleasant smell coming from your drains

When you notice one or more of these issues, don’t hesitate. Call Mr. Flush at 706-673-5874 or 803-673-5874 and we’ll dispatch the right team, the right equipment and the right parts to your location.

Our plumbing technicians are trained to provide high-quality sewer line service such as:

  • Sewer line camera inspection to locate where the sewer pipe is damaged
  • Sewer line replacement and sewer line installation services for piping with major damage and cracks
  • Small repairs and liner replacements for areas of minimal damage
  • No-dig trenchless technology pipe lining if the situation requires minimally invasive work

Our plumbing professionals are screened, drug tested, and licensed, and show up quickly to provide quality solutions in a friendly and professional manner.

Don’t let your minor sewer line leak become a complete emergency. Call Mr. Flush for expert sewer line installation in the CSRA.