Sewer main replacement

Sewer Main Replacement

Augusta, GA  and Aiken, SC

If your main line backs up more than once a year there’s a good chance you have serious sewer line issues and it’s time to have the line replaced. While this is not an easy or inexpensive process, we do have options to make it less stressful and more affordable.

Traditional replacement requires us to excavate your yard and property and is usually a time-consuming process. Our second option is CIPP trenchless, or no-dig, sewer line replacement.

Trenchless Sewer Main Replacement Augusta, GA & Aiken, SC

If you are having problems, we will first inspect your sewer main visually and with a camera to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. This inspection will determine the extent of the problem and allow us to provide options.

Depending on the severity of the problem, we may be able to repair your sewer main with water jetting. If that’s hot the case we will offer you the best replacement options for your particular situation.

We may be able to restore your existing sewer main using no-dig, trenchless pipe lining techniques. These techniques use epoxy or resin to line the existing sewer main and repair holes, gaps, and breaks. If your sewer line is damaged beyond repair, we will need to do a total replacement.

Traditional dig-and-replace sewer work can require a lot of invasive excavation and result in a patched-up yard, but in some cases, this is the more cost-effective way to go. The process is straightforward: an excavator digs up the old pipes, new ones are installed and the trench is refilled.

Since the sewer main ties into the city sewer system, we will handle the needed permits and inspections the city or county may require and when the project is completed we will return the area to as close to normal as possible.

Trenchless methods are usually faster than the traditional approach, and require minimal digging, usually a small hole at each end of the existing pipe and anywhere in-between where it bends or turns.

Call Mr. Flush today if you’re having issues and let us get your home on business on the road to recovery.

Conventional Drain Replacement

Sewer main lines run entirely underground, often underneath lawns, gardens, patios, or driveways, so replacing a clogged or damaged drain can become a major expense. Though the repair may be a replacement of a short length of pipe or the elimination of overgrown tree roots, costs can quickly escalate due to excavation and related project costs. We may even have to use jackhammers or a backhoe to gain access to the sewer main.

After the underground sewer main problem is diagnosed, the surrounding area is excavated, the old and broken sections of sewer piping are removed and replaced. Depending on the amount of new pipe required, the type of pipe selected (PVC or vitrified clay), whether the sewer lines run underneath a driveway or garage (or other unique property layouts), and the amount of damage from groundwater and sewage spills, a complex dig-and-replacement of a sewer main is a major construction project.