Fresh filtered water is healthy for all family

Water Filtration

If you’re concerned about your health and the health of your family or employees, Mr. Flush recommends installing a water filtration system in your home or business. The benefits of filtered water are immeasurable, and the health of your family depends on it.

Our experts will look at your situation and help you decide whether you need a point-of-use system or a point-of-entry system to keep chemicals and other unhealthy additives and substances out of your drinking water. Both are far more effective than the over-the-counter carbon filters you attach to your kitchen or bathroom faucets.

If your water supply has a high level of contaminants and chemicals, a point-of-use system makes more sense. An example of a point-of-use unit is a reverse osmosis water filtration system, which comes in various sizes. The larger units are designed to filter a higher volume of water much faster than the smaller units and require new filters about once a year. The experts at Mr. Flush are trained to install point-of-use systems correctly.

Point-of-entry water filtration systems are generally installed in the basement or crawl space and treat all water coming to the building before it is dispersed to faucets and appliances. Some of these units also serve as water softeners by removing high concentrations of minerals.

Hard water makes it more difficult to work up and rinse away a lather and prevents washing power from working properly in your washing machine. Our Augusta, GA, Mr. Flush plumbers can recommend the best unit for your home or business.