Pipe lining

Pipe Lining – No Dig Pipe Repair

Servicing all Southeastern States

Mr. Flush Plumbing offers affordable and effective solutions for repairing pinhole leaks and slab leaks, removing corrosion and restoring aging pipes and lining cracked pipes through pipe lining. Using cutting-edge pipe restoration technologies, our Augusta, GA and Aiken, SC plumbers are experts in restoring leaking copper, galvanized or cracked cast iron pipes with pipe lining solutions that work. Our sister company, The Pipelining Company, services accounts outside the Augusta/Aiken area, all over the Southeast.

Pipe lining is a revolutionary process that uses the existing pipe as a base while providing a new pipe surface. There are three types of pipe lining solutions:

  • Epoxy Pipe Lining uses food grade epoxy to coat the interior of the pipes. This method fills pinhole leaks, small cracks and gaps, and puts a stop to corrosion that is common in some pipe materials.
  • Resin Pipe Lining uses a pipe lining soaked in a resin and then inserted into your pipes. The pipe lining will harden and provides a durable, structurally sound pipe surface. Resin pipe lining is great for pipes under extreme pressure and pipes with large holes or breaks.
  • Slip Pipe Lining is used in pipes that are too large for the other two methods or if there is extensive damage. With slip pipe lining a smaller diameter pipe is threaded into the existing pipe, providing new pipes without the need to remove the old pipe.

Re-lining existing pipes can solve leak issues without damage to your home or yard. Digging trenches and replacing pipes can take days, even weeks. Pipe lining takes less than a day! And again, your home is left just as it was – clean and damage free!