high pressure Water-Jetting for drain clogs

Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting

in Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA

Mr. Flush uses high-pressure water jetting to clear clogged sewer and drain lines. Our state-of-the-art pressure unit uses ordinary tap water to effectively clear clogs of all kinds.

Water under pressure is extremely powerful … so powerful that under the right conditions a water jet can cut through steel and aluminum. Mr. Flush doesn’t use pressures that high, but our equipment works on the same principle.

Mr. Flush plumbers are able to control and propel water under high pressure into your drain or sewer line. In addition to being effective, water jetting is environmentally safe and economical.

Using different specialized nozzles and attachments, we not only control the cleaning process we can also direct the powerful streams of water to cut through the toughest blockages. By varying the water pressure and the volume of water our Mr. Flush plumbers can unclog and return your sewer or drain line to like-new condition.

The water removes both the clog and the buildup, restoring your drains back to their original diameter. High-pressure Water Jetting is the only method that truly cleans and removes the entire clog.

High Pressure Water Jetting – The Drain Clog Solution

Our high-pressure water jetting is able to cut through:

  • Heavy roots
  • Fat, oil and grease
  • Mud, sand and gravel
  • Hardened scale
  • Even some obstructions that would normally require digging or excavating!

High Pressure Water Jetting Benefits

Pressure Water Jetting has many benefits for home owners including:

  • Removes almost any clog: The intense force of the water from a hydro-jetter is enough to break apart the most adamant blockage. It can remove obstructions that even motorized drains snakes will have problems with.
  • Safe for your pipes: Unlike chemical cleaners—or even some mechanical devices like powered drain snakes—a hydro-jetter will not damage the inside of your pipes.
  • Comprehensive: Where cleaning methods like drain snakes will only take care of large clogs, a hydro-jetter cleans out the whole drainpipe, blasting away deposits along the walls. Different types of nozzle attachments allow a plumber to reach every part of the drainpipe to make sure that no spot escapes the jet’s cleansing power.
  • Long-lasting: Hydro-jetting will help prevent future problems in your drains. The high-pressure scalding action of the water makes it more difficult for debris to begin to accumulate again.

Do not allow a plumber to do a poor job cleaning your drains – call the drain cleaning experts at Mr. Flush today!

The water also washes away contaminants in the pipe, leaving a clean pipe we then inspect using our high tech video camera. You can even see the jetting results for yourself.  Unlike a cable auger or reel machine, which can only bore a hole in sludge or roots; high-pressure water jetting effectively scrubs the full diameter of your pipe,  washing all the debris out of your pipe.