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Re-piping is the process of replacing the hot and cold water lines in your home or business. The difficult process of re-piping requires an experienced plumbing company like Mr. Flush Plumbing in Augusta, GA/Aiken, SC to ensure success.

Homes built in the early 1900s may have lead pipes and these need to be replaced immediately to address the possibility of lead poisoning. Homes built between 1970 and 1990 may have pipes made of Polybutylene pipes, which have been proven unreliable and prone to breakage and will be in need of re-piping. Both of these pipe materials should be completely removed and re-piped with approved, safe piping.

Most homes or buildings built in the 1970s were typically plumbed with galvanized piping, iron pipes coated with zinc, and often must be re-piped. Over time, the outer coating of zinc erodes, exposing the iron pipe to water causing the iron to rust. Inevitably the rust starts flaking off and is carried throughout your home or business by the plumbing system. Re-piping is the best solution.

Symptoms include leaks, low water pressure, rusty or brown water or foul-smelling water. When the piping in your home or business begins to show any of these signs of corrosion, it’s time to call Mr. Flush for a re-piping solution.
What are your options when repiping with Mr. Flush?

Copper and PEX piping are the two most common re-piping choices when it comes to long term reliability.

Copper is a costlier re-piping option but is expected to last up to 100 years. Manufacturers have been known to assign 50-year warranties to their copper pipes. They are also a highly durable re-piping option—copper pipes can resist corrosion and extreme weather. This means that when re-piping they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation.

PEX piping is cheaper to buy, install and replace. It is usually red or blue in color and known to be a highly durable re-piping option as well. What makes PEX piping convenient is its flexibility during installation. This re-piping material has been known to last a lifetime and provides high water pressure in a much more efficient manner.
How do we repipe your home or business?

Repiping your home with more reliable materials will save you on costly repairs and severe property damage and, depending on your situation, there are several options for how we complete the re-piping process including:

Total Replacement – While a total re-pipe involves breaking through walls and floor, the peace of mind and increased home value make this option attractive for older homes. This is a good re-piping option during a remodel and may be required in more severe cases.

Exposed Replacement – It might be possible to postpone a total repipe by replacing exposed piping in crawl spaces, basements, and other areas. This option should only be considered if the pipes behind walls and under floors have been inspected by a camera and are not leaking. Total repiping may still be required in the future.

PEX is a flexible pipe and in some cases, it can be snaked into the existing pipes. This option allows the pipes within your walls to be repaired without extensive destruction.

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