Catch basin

Catch Basins

Storm sewers and catch basins are the underground pipes and pits that create the infrastructure for storm water collection and management. Depending on the location of the catch basin or storm drain, the cleaning responsibility may be yours or the owner of your sewer system. Check with the city or county sewer department to determine responsibility.

If your catch basin or storm drain is frequently flooding, it makes more sense contact us to handle the issue before you have a major problem on your hands. Even if your sewer department is responsible, they may be unaware of a problem and it may take a long time for them to come out and check the problem.

These drain systems are found in parking lots, adjacent to driveways, along roadsides and  other impermeable surfaces to manage the flow of surface water and prevent flooding. When it’s raining, dirt, grit, sand and other debris are washed into the catch basins. While most of the storm pipes connecting the catch basins to the discharge area are designed to self clean, that’s not always the case and clogs can occur.

If the catch basins and storm drains around your home are not maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, you may have a flood and backup during a heavy downpour. When we arrive at your home, we will inspect the storm drains and catch basins to determine the cause of the clog and clean them out.

Storm water run off is now known to be a major source of pollution and new regulations and system designs often require routine cleaning. Motor oil, industrial lubricants, solid waste and other contaminants are often found in catch basins and retention areas used to manage stormwater flow. Proper care and maintenance of this important infrastructure is vital to your real estate investment and the protection of our environment.